• Shopping session: Shop until you drop with a personal assistant that will help you out to choose the clothes that fit you best depending on your body and face shape. I will assist you choosing clothes that goes with your style and that you would simply love.

  • Colour analysis: have you every tried to wear something and somehow you feel that that colour doesn't look the best on you? With a fun and interesting exam of colours you will find out which colours look the best on you and which doesn't! 

  • Make up: Personalized make up depending on your face structure, how to potence your best assests and learn how to apply it to yourself. It is also possible to get your make up done for events.

  • Wardrobe building:  let's create the wardrobe that you always wanted to have! No more wondering, and taking hours in front of the closet thinking what to wear. No more struggling and wasting time. Feel confident and ready everyday!

  • Suitcase ready: Is there a trip coming up and you don't know what to take and you just pack everything? Honestly, there's no need of paying those extra kilos at the airport if you have some help having the perfect suitcase for the trip. Enjoy the time out and avoid overthinking what to take or wear everyday.

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